Our Story

Established in 2016, Mr & Mrs Hill has become one among the leading lighting and home decorative brands in Australia. 

The brand is recognised for outstanding lighting displays and elegant lighting product collections. 

Meeting the styles of  the modern day home decor, Mr & Mrs Hill showcases a wide-ranging collection of home lighting products for year round occasions. The brand also houses a unique collection of lighting products for events. 

With all products being sourced world wide, Mr & Mrs Hill takes pride in offering world class quality and modern style at affordable prices.

The brand has come a long way since launching in 2016, but Mr & Mrs Hill Lighting founders Geoff and Cassandra Hill’s vision to move as many people as possible through lighting experiences will always be the driving force. 

“The right lighting can move people” 



Geoff + Cassandra Hill



Written By Cassandra Hill

Mr & Mrs Hill Lighting was not a planned business, it all just evolved and happened so quickly. Years on and we have our own lighting store featuring world class products and a list of celebrity clients. 

This is how our story started…………….

December 2014

We were visiting my best friend in Dubai and took a journey through the incredible Global Village theme park. Geoff and I were about to go on the giant Ferris wheel while my friend watched on with the kids. Little did I know, Geoff had carefully planned a surprise marriage proposal. This night was nothing short of amazing. Geoff took my hand and asked me to be his wife then surprised me with an adventure in the Dubai desert.

A personal driver escorted us through 70kms of desert. It was dark and I was in suspense wondering where we were going that could be so far from the city. We were dropped at the bottom of a track where we were greeted by a host holding two white horses. We rode through a candlelit track to the breathtaking Babal Shams Resort. 

This was one one of the most special nights we have ever experienced together. We enjoyed amazing foods and champagne within a personal bungalow. What I remember most about this evening was the feeling. It’s hard to describe the feeling but I felt so moved. I quickly realised that the feeling wasn’t just from the seamless customer service, the food or the entertainment. The feeling was largely created by the thousands of Gold fairy lights draping the palace like building and surrounds.

I was moved, I was in awe. I never forgot the gold fairy lights and I didn’t stop talking about them when explaining our engagement to others.

Upon returning to Australia, we set a date for our wedding and just like most excited brides to be; I started planning my dream wedding. I told Geoff I would love to have a small feature of gold fairy lights to be a part of our reception. A few days later Geoff said to me that he would take care of the styling for the wedding. I of course laughed and said “don’t be silly” but he was serious. 

The night before our wedding, Geoff took me and some of my bridesmaids into the beautiful old Glen Innes Town Hall to reveal thousands of gold fairy lights forming a sheeting across the ceiling. I was in tears and completely overwhelmed.

As our Wedding guests shared photos from our Wedding on social media, we received several messages from people planning a wedding or event asking to hire our lights.

Our lights look amazing in photos however nothing beats seeing them and feeling them in real life.


Over the last several years we have travelled all over NSW to install lighting for weddings and special events. We quit our full time jobs and now work full time within the business.

We simply believe that our lights really do move people.

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